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A Successful Brand Marketing

Branding has come a long way for companies in any given industry and continues to be a big part of any business. A brand is basically anything associated with the way the company is perceived. Once the brand has been established, in this digital world, without marketing its basically non-existent. Brand Marketing promotes your products or services in a way that highlights your overall brand. When creating your brand marketing you need to understand that this is the bridge or tool between your product and your customer. It is important to never overlook brand marketing, as it is a slow process. In order to grow and successfully market your brand you need to start small, literally just like Coca-Cola did when launching their tiny coke cans.

We’ve craved it, tasted it, and even cried over Coca-Cola’s many successful brand campaigns over the years with their creative logo placements, captivating commercials, and their in-your-face red. All these things have built the brand over the years that the soda itself is the last thing that pops into your mind, isn’t it? Back in 2014 Coca-Cola launched their mini coke cans that created great buzz.

Ogilvy & Mather Berlin installed a series of miniature kiosks throughout five different cities in Germany. According to Adweek, the kiosks sold an average of 380 mini cans per day, which Ogilvy says is 278 percent more than a typical coke vending machine. The small scale intervention turned heads as people got close and irresistibly exchanged with the mini vending machine coins in return for a mini can of coke. This campaign worked so well because it wasn’t something Coca-Cola would usually do, we see the brand as a massive company running much larger campaigns world-wide. When seeing Coca-Cola for the first time ever down-sized in a creative way shows us the great possibilities of what you can do with brand marketing.

We are so used to seeing the big ads, big commercials, big logo placements everywhere we look that the brand slowly blurs into everything. Presenting Coca-Cola differently was a great game changer because it made you look twice.

The campaign’s slogan was “It’s the little things in life that make us happy”. These clever few words connect the mini can product seamlessly over the campaign itself. This simple motto ties in with the product, the video, the concept, and the brand. Coca-Cola’s brand marketing again portrays itself as the little enjoyments and something that will make us happy in our day to day lives; a much stronger emotional connection to our subconscious.

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