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Branding for Services: Making the Intangible Tangible

Never underestimate the value of having a strong branding for professional services. Before today, service firms barely even thought about the importance of branding, let alone act upon it. They focused on delivering the promised work and building their good reputation and buying experience. However, long gone are the days of traditional business models and advertising.

So, how do you firms build strong brands? Here are 4 points that’ll show you how to brand services:

1. Start From Scratch

Your firm is your living entity and your employees are the product being delivered to your customers on a daily basis. Now that you know you have to develop or revamp your brand, make them a part of it. They are the ones that deliver your work, and in a few words, the face of your brand; so yes, their opinion matters. If they feel that their voice matters and that they are part of something, they are much more likely to grasp your goals, deliver your brand promises as well as an unforgettable buying experience.

2. Identify Your Strategy

You’ve accepted you need to get working on your brand but first, you have to do a little research on, not just how to brand services, but yours specifically. Many firms are in a race to reach a wider geographical scale, and while it will help with your growth, it doesn’t inspire customers to buy from you. Your relevance to your ideal client group is essential. If you can’t fix their problem, your brand is practically irrelevant. This is why it’s so important to identify a strategy when branding for professional services. An effective strategy will help improve your firm’s reputation and increase its relevance to your target market.

3. Build Depth

You can tell all the stories you want and demonstrate your market experience, however, nowadays consumers are searching for something bigger. Besides the services you offer, they want to know what differentiates your company from the rest. They want to learn about your culture, what drives the firm forward, and how your employees feel about working there. Start from the inside by creating a top-notch work environment and involving your employees as much as you can. In this way, every single team member will understand their own role in building the brand, delivering the promises, and creating a buying experience. Building depth and defining your purpose will help build this type of communication with your ideal clients so they know you will actually deliver on your promises.

4. Brand Messaging

What can consumers get from you that they can’t get anywhere else? Your brand messaging should answer the basic common questions that any customer might have. In fact, everything your company says should have meaning and reflect your brand messaging. If you see it’s not working, then change your messaging. A good example of this is Subway. Today it represents 18.5% of the total fast-food chain market in the country. Why? Because it changed its message to target health-conscious consumers, hence the “Eat Fresh.”

If you’re still asking yourself how to brand services, contact a marketing firm that can help ease the stress. Branding for professional services can be a bit more difficult than branding a product, but it will help you be on top-of-mind of your consumers and attract the best talent for your firm.

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