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Graphic Design and Time Management

You might be asking yourself, what does a "graphic designer" really do?

Besides developing the visual art for different projects, we have to

coordinate all posting schedules and make sure we stay true to each brand.

From working on a fresh new brand to designing illustrations, a graphic

designer has A LOT on their plate.

Precisely because there's so many tasks to balance, the key to being a

successful graphic designer is time management. It can get very

overwhelming if you have too many projects going on at the same time.

However, a wise person who I look up to gave me this tip: KNOW YOUR

DEADLINES. This way you will have a clear view of what you need to work on

first. You will also have all tasks ready and still have time to make any

necessary changes. I learned the hard way, I thought that what I had designed

wouldn't need any changes because they were done exactly as asked,

however, the client had many changes that did not leave me with enough

time to finish all my other tasks. By not organizing the deadlines and not

leaving time for changes I was one week behind in all the other projects.

Sure enough..... lesson learned. Working at Drom has also taught me that I must learn as

much as I can about each project and get to know, not only the brand, but its


Having said all this, I recommend that to keep all the projects moving at the

same time, you must take on one assignment at a time but never give more

importance to one certain brand/client. Your work must always show

consistency with whichever brand you're working. Lastly, don't rush your

work just to finish fast. Good things take time.

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