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How to Brand a Service

Positioning your brand when it’s something intangible such as a service can be a bit challenging since you can’t guarantee its outcome until it’s purchased and experienced by your client. Here are a few steps on how you can position your brand to gain trust, have a strong reputation, and be known for quality service.

1. Be Proactive

Don’t let your clients reach you before you do. Let them know on a daily basis where things are and where they are heading. You need to know their needs before they do and let them in on every move you make. With this, they will gain your trust knowing they can rely on you and your service. Everyday people are bombarded with information so it is also important to be very clear when sharing information, many clients don’t know in-depth on how your service works (that is why they hired you in the first place), so make sure you guide them through every single thing.

2. Be Present

Being proactive and present go hand-in-hand because you also need to be available for your client whenever they need your assistance (keep it healthy though, we’re not talking about 2 a.m.) . The single biggest problem in any given relationship is poor communication. Make sure you communicate well and you will build a great service brand. Be reachable and if your client needs any clarity always be open to set up a meeting or get in a call.

3. Think Ahead

The majority of clients are busy business owners or managers that are thinking a million things at once, this is the reason why you are there for them. You need to be there to think for them and if you want to build a strong service brand then you need to always be thinking ahead. This creates a positive impression on your client and reminds them why they spent top dollar on your service.

4. Build A Long-Lasting Relationship

Enough is said when others notice that your clients are sticking around meaning you are something worth keeping close. There is nothing better than building a strong relationship that can last years. It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one according to Bain & Company. With that said you need to continue to solve your clients problems even after the service or project has ended. This is key as you remain top-of-mind and always remain number one against your competitors. This will also help for the word to spread about your amazing service. Your client can slowly turn into a promoter of your service brand pulling in referrals right into your hands.

5. Have Your Brand Believe In Theirs

In order to give an amazing service your service brand needs to strongly believe in the brand it’s working for. It is hard to give an excellent service when you dislike the brand you are representing, this can make you and your team give a poor service and create a bad reputation. This is why, before saying yes to any client, your service brand needs to make sure that you two are the right match. Be ready to say ‘no’ and be okay with it, this will be better for both in the long run. There is no need to build an unhealthy relationship.

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