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Personal Brand ft. Carolina Cardenas

Who am I at Drom? As simple as this question sounds, it seems hard to answer with such certainty. It would be easy to list the tasks I currently do such as manage social media accounts, monitor audience members, update blog posts, and focus on influencer marketing: but I feel that all of the members at Drom are more than just task achievers. Each one of us has something to bring to the table. Since I am currently majoring in Business Administration, Marketing, and minoring in Digital Marketing I realized the importance of having a personal brand.

Today, having a strong professional online presence is very important especially in COVID-19 times. People are connecting with people all around the world leading to more opportunities which were not available before. In order to benefit from the evolving job market, a personal brand needs to be created. A personal professional brand is very similar to a corporate brand since both focus on demonstrating uniqueness, differences, and one’s personality.

When building a personal professional brand, it is essential to have a focus on what you want to be known for. Instead of just showing who you are, a personal brand should focus on where you want to go. Having this defined will then help you uncover the traits that make you different and define your audience. The goal of having a target audience is to attract users that are interested in similar topics, future career interests, and hobbies as yourself.

After developing your personal brand, it is now time to create a positive impact. Having consistent content and messages will make it easier to create a brand that others can identify you with. Many influencers are changing gears and using their public image to create impact on others. Having a positive reputation throughout your social media is a great tool in marketing yourself.

The way you portray yourself is the way others will see you, so focus and dedicate a great time. In our Drom Team we each bring uniqueness either by our creativity and ideas. This has impacted greatly on the personal brand I have created for myself. So if you want to stand out, start working on your brand.

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