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Stats on Content Marketing - 2020

Trends, trends, trends. Whether you are a trend follower or trend setter, you are most likely caught up with the latest trends. In the marketing world, content marketing trends have evolved from companies that have applied different marketing strategies to achieve long-term goals in a company. Content marketing statistics highlight trends that will most likely continue in 2020 and the next following years. So, if you plan on staying in the marketing world start working with the following statistics.

Go Mobile-Friendly

Everywhere we go people are glued to their phones; at the groceries, restaurants, even while driving! Today, around 81% of the population own a smartphone. Many companies have adapted their content and made it smart-phone friendly. According to the State of Content Marketing Report, around 37% of Americans use mobile platforms to go online and in the following years this number will increase. A smart strategy for any organization would be to begin writing and modifying content for audiences using a device.

More Words, More Traffic

Throughout 2020, longer articles began to rank better in search engine results. People began to enjoy longer pieces, filled with detail rather than short pieces. Articles with over 3,000 words are receiving 3x more traffic. Maybe quarantine got people reading more rather than looking for easy to read articles, who knows? According to a report by SEM Rush, Longer articles also got more backlinks and more shares rather than articles between 900 to 1,200 words. So, if you are looking to appear higher in search engine results; keep on typing.

Social Media.

Social media is a strategy that every business should be using. As of 2020, there are around 2.96 billion people on social media. If a business wants to have efficient marketing, emphasis more on social media. There are many categories for all types of business on social media, so it really just depends how well of a marketing job you do to make your business stand out more than the rest.

Change your packaging

In the past year many marketing agencies have emphasized on the trend of expanding product offerings. In the past year, agencies have changed their packaging and added either more service or products. This is a way to stand out from a competition especially in the digital marketing segment. For example, a company that offers car wash service could add in a free air freshener to the car. This would distinguish the company from the rest of the car washes.

Content marketing strategies are constantly changing, so it is important to always be updated with the latest statistics. The industry is becoming more competitive than ever, so make sure your content stands out.

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