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Steps to Build Your Content Strategy

If your goal is to not only land new customers or fans, but also retain them, then you need a very good content strategy. High quality content surrounds these four points:

  1. Informative

  2. Entertaining

  3. Educative

  4. Inspirational

To be able to create excellent and engaging content you have to plan. Behind the final product in content marketing is plenty of research, editing, and of course, time. If you’re solo, building this structure may be very time-consuming and stressful so why not reach out to a digital marketing agency for some help? For your content marketing strategy to be successful, we recommend the following 4 tips:

1. Have a Brainstorm Session

A good start for coming up with ideas for your content is online research. You’d be surprised with the ideas you can generate by just reading meta descriptions on search engines, blogs related to your industry, or the FAQ’s section in websites. When doing so, keep in mind the buyer’s journey:

2. Create a Timeline and Workflow

Plan a timeline for your content strategy by quarters (three months). When writing it out keep your goals in mind. For example, most of the time the first quarter is to build brand awareness and increase leads. By knowing what your goals are it’ll be easier to map out the precise content for that as well as dates and time to post. Your goals will also help you decide if you’ll need to hire a digital marketing agency and who will do what. With content marketing, there is too much content to be created to just do it by yourself so we recommend building a team.

3. Review Your Content

How will you review your content to ensure there are no errors and that the voice aligns with the brand? Boost the quality of your content marketing strategy by hiring the best content writers and setting clear expectations to them. Explain the word choice to be used by using a style guide so that all pieces of content are consistent across all channels (see below). Lastly, one missed deadline can affect everyone’s work so set due dates and manage all progress by using softwares such as Monday.

4. Save and Organize Your Content

Organize. repurpose, reuse… those three things should be on the top of your mind when storing all content that’s ready to go live. Organize it in a way that’s easy for you or your team to go back and find it without going through a hassle and be ready to reuse it. Once you get the hang of it, when creating your content marketing strategy, you’ll think about ways you can repurpose it.

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