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The Evolution of Brand Marketing

As many of you know, traditional advertising has been left in the past. The concept of marketing is constantly changing over time, making it challenging to always be updated with the newest strategy. In the past, marketing was simpler since it only dealt with one target audience and one competitive frame. Today, the internet has become the primary medium for brand marketing.

The beginning of marketing started when everything was done by hand and the main focus was product over brand rather than brand over product. Manufacturing was the marketing technique of what was considered the Simple Trade Era.

As years went by, businesses realized that in order to sell products, companies have to promote their own company. This marked the beginning of brand marketing since it had a strong emphasis on brand over product. From there on, brands realized the importance of long-term relationships between consumers.

Since then, Millennials and Generation Z have taken the steering wheel when it comes to non-traditional advertising. With so many platforms, most brands are experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out) of not being involved in the newest platform such as Tik Tok, Instagram, and Snapchat. Brand marketing through social media involves constantly updating content and hoping it becomes viral leading to brand relevance.

Brand marketing experienced a game changer when marketers realized that immersive digital experiences drove both purchases and a strong connection with their audience. A clear example of the evolution of brand marketing is Lego’s. When it began to lack innovation, Lego decided to emphasize a digital campaign as their marketing strategy. The brand now has a gaming website, e-commerce channels, social media, and movies.

The release of The LEGO Movie reflects brand marketing done right. The movie targeted young audiences, but ended up becoming a film welcomed by everyone leading to a boost of sales. At times I even caught myself singing “Everything is Awesome,” throughout the day. Currently, Lego's has a strong following on Instagram due to the creative content posted such as Lego animated short clips.

In the past, brands were focused more on selling the products features and hoping the brand would become relevant. Today, there is a large emphasis on brand over product. The concept of marketing is constantly changing, but all brands have the same goal--to create a relationship with the consumer and develop audiences.

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