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The Importance of Content Marketing

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I joined the Drøm team to create content for Red Arrow Flight Academy, an aviation school located in Santa Teresa New Mexico. Working at The Drøm has taught me a lot of valuable skills in the field of marketing, more specifically content marketing. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on content that will attract and retain a specific audience to drive them to profitable action. When we started working with Red Arrow our first goal was to boost their social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook by being active and sharing relative content. This made me realize the importance of consistency as we reached 1,000 followers on Instagram in a timeframe of 3 months. We did this by creating three types of content which are as follows.

  1. Educational which consisted of posts that would ask a question to the audience and make them interact or a post that contained a fact about aviation.

  2. The inspirational posts were the second type of content which were utilized to motivate current or soon-to-be pilots. We also started a campaign where we would interview female student pilots that were currently enrolled at Red Arrow with the goal to get more women in the industry.

  3. The last type of content was simply informative, here we would point out where the school was located, how to get started, and the equipment they have available.

Besides these tasks, that were mostly my responsibility, we also decided to give Red Arrow a rebrand that would modify the logo and give the brand a fresh new look. For this project, I learned about creating merch that would be of interest for Red Arrow’s students as well as drop shipping. This was the most interesting project we did during these three months as I learned how minor changes in the physical appearance of the school can make it much more attractive to current students and potential customers.

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