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The Top Instagram Stories of the Year

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Instagram has become one of the most influential social media channels and has created a profound effect on pop culture. I know I am one of the constant scrollers on Instagram, and yes on my weekly social media summary, Instagram is always the winner. Over 500 million people watch Instagram stories every day, which makes me feel less guilty of my constant binging. Whether people are scrolling through food content, beauty content, and sports content; Instagram has content for every individual. 

Throughout the years Instagram has been used by digital marketing agencies to promote products and companies. Here are some examples of how Instagram has made something viral through Instagram stories, hashtags, or content. 

I am sure that all of you reading this blog are also fans of Instagram filters, specifically the ones that add a chef hat and a mustache. Potluck created its own Instagram story filter as a marketing technique for their quality kitchenware. When people use this filter, Potluck makes sure to repost the story and resharing a collection of these photos in their Stories highlights. This digital marketing technique created community support for the brand rather than a non engaging audience. 

2. Taste Made

One of the best content found on Instagram includes food content. Tastemade has created content that emphasizes food, travel, and design. It shows content through videos and their Instagram Stories specifically in their “tap fast’ format. “Tap fast,” is used in Tastemade stories by piecing together dozen pictures and collectively creating a stop motion baking video. Honestly, I am addicted to these stories. 

3.National Geographic 

National Geographic found an innovative way to apply the content from the magazines to Instagram. Through their Instagram stories, National Geographic has decided to promote and educate about conservation efforts. For example, they include Swipe Ups to pledges in order to reduce plastic usage. 

These are all examples of how Instagram has changed the marketing strategies for many companies. It has made companies find an innovative way to promote their products meanwhile entertaining their audience. So the next time you are tapping through your Instagram stories, at least spend a second and read before tapping to the next one. 

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