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Consumer Insights During COVID

Consumer behaviour shifts almost daily, but as marketers, we were hit pretty hard and blindly when the pandemic creeped on us. We are now six months in and we can see more clearly on how people are behaving as their behaviour is now becoming more consistent hence, predictable. We can now focus on the macro shifts in consumer behaviour to understand the long-term impact of this situation.

The five main themes we need to focus on are the following:

  1. What people are doing

  2. What people know and understand

  3. How people are making a living

  4. How people feel

  5. How people are learning

As a result, it is obvious that people are spending more time online and changing their behaviours digitally.

As a brand or as a marketer representing a brand, exposure is more important than ever. Brands need to show that they are up and running and are there for help even if it’s only virtually. Social proof is also a hard stance brands need to prioritize as people look to others for guidance. Big brands have a strong following which means many people are looking up to them and on how they react to this whole situation, brands more than ever need to be leaders. Making content that helps your brand’s loyal customers connect with your brand is crucial to provide them inspiration and reassurance during difficult times. Brands need not only to be leaders but show authority, take this time to be bold and face the new problems and issues fearlessly. Consumers will rely on your brand's expertise on taking difficult times strongly. Doesn’t matter on how you help, if its to provide financial aid, educational support, health advice, anything helps and trust me, people will remember you by it.

You can dive in more on Consumer Insights by researching on the consumer trends that Google provides by analysing what people are searching for.

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