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Consumer Mindset Post Covid-19

Brands are now facing having to market to a consumer base that has completely changed amid Covid-19. How people think twice about what they consume and how they do so. Because so much time has passed in quarantine, marketers have been able to establish a pattern in consumerism which has led to very creative campaigns.

Wellbeing Over Productivity

Due to Coronavirus, individuals are paying more attention to the companies they’re buying from; whether they are contributing to the world and how. Human values have changed so companies are having to reassess their marketing during Covid-19 and in what whey they are giving back to society and to the environment. An example of a company that puts both people and the environment first is Patagonia.On their website, they have a tab dedicated to only the activism work they do. However, environmental activism has been part of Patagonia's DNA since it was founded, not necessarily because of the pandemic.

Another example of a well-known brand doing good things is Gucci. Their Off the Grid collection is designed for “those mindful of their environmental impact.” This collection is made out of only recycled, organic, and bio-based materials. They even created a whole new brand for this, tying in their Gucci logo.

More Picky

The economic impact that the pandemic has had on everyone has led to having tighter wallets. Marketing during Covid-19 should focus on a more simple way of life for their consumers now that they have been staying in and simplifying their daily life. How can you make your brand a daily essential in your consumer’s lives? Find ways to embed your product or service whether you launch new products, creative meaningful content within your advertising, and enhance the brand experience.

Consumers have come to appreciate the smaller things in life: a connection to their loved ones and to the world they live in. Gone are the days where advertising should focus on the material things, their economic status, or the big-money-making careers. It’s your job as a business owner to be able to align your creative campaigns with their values of doing well to the community they live in with their purchasing decisions.

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