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Importance of Infographics and Other Visual Content

Since we were all in kindergarten, visuals were a method of teaching. Whether it was the monthly “Show and Tell,” or pairing an image with the matching word; an essential part of the classroom was learning through visuals. Growing up, we began to use visuals to educate others in a quick, easy, and entertaining way. This is where infographics stepped in. Infographics are a combination of visuals, content, and data used to grab an audience's attention. This medium is a way to present information into a captivating graphic.

Simplify Complex Information

A human’s average attention span is about 8 seconds; probably in the first paragraph you dozed off a couple of times.

Visuals and infographics are so important; they tap into the optic nerve triggering the brain to pay attention. But, it is also important to focus on the content of the infographic, so it will be remembered. As shown in the Morning Routine infographic, it is effective, quick, and easy to understand. By using catchy and easy to read words, an infographic will fulfill its purpose. Also, by using charts or graphs, the eye is able to analyze and understand the information presented.

Fact Check Everything

When the information becomes more complicated, an infographic helps it become more understandable. Many visuals and infographics include tables, graphs, and other ways to show summarized data. Visuals convey a lot of data in a small space, meaning that the most essential facts are present. Since only the essential facts are present, make sure they are correct. It would be pretty embarrassing to have an infographic with inaccurate information. Always fact check everything!!

Boost SEO

From the digital marketing point of view, infographics are helpful to boost SEO. By adding visuals and infographics to a website, people can share them through social media generating backlinks. Also a good tip would be to add a company logo or website address to infographics in order to create brand image.

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