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How to do Keyword Research

The first and most important step in SEO strategies is keyword research. Sure you can pay to appear as an Ad in the first section of search engines but what better than ranking high in organic results? Keyword research and content creation will go hand in hand from now on. However, here are some tips for when you go about your keyword research:

Brainstorm Your Own Keywords

You know your product, service, or business so you know what you have to offer and how people are searching for you. If what you offer is to be sold locally then it’s important for you to consider long-tail keywords since Google now ranks keywords by intent. Broader keywords can work except they come attached with a lot of competition. Having said that, sometimes it’s smarter for you to use specific keywords that can be more targeted towards a certain stage in the customer journey or an individual product.

Pay Attention To Google’s Suggestions

Go ahead and start searching on Google yourself and see what comes up in auto-suggest. By doing so, you can learn plenty about what people are searching for.

For example, when you search digital marketing, we can see that either individuals are searching for services or are searching for a job in the digital marketing industry. If, as a digital marketing agency, you don’t have content that speaks to these major areas of interest, you should add some! You can also check to see who is already ranking for these results and if they are your direct competitors.

Stalk Your Competitors

Not only do your keyword research, but also do some opposition research. There are sites such as SEMrush where you can learn about the keywords your competitors are using and also see where your own domain is ranking on search engines. Visit your competitors’ websites too to see what they are saying and how they are organizing it.

Use Google’s Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is useful for organic AND paid search in your SEO efforts. All you need is to get a Google Ads account to see how many people are searching for certain keywords and how competitive they are. However, if you’re a local business, then get more precise and detailed with that keyword so that it’s not overly competitive. If you use keywords that can reach millions of people, chances are you’ll never be seen by the people you want to be seen by.

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