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Why Digital Marketing is Vital in 2021

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Amid this past year, more and more businesses are starting to understand how vital digital and mobile channels are today for acquiring AND retaining customers. Yet many don't have an integrated plan to grow their brand and engage their audiences on those channels. What's the worst that can happen if you don't have a strategic marketing plan in 2021? The answer is simple - you will lose out to competitors who are active online and digitally savvy.

If you haven't started, well... you're already late. Rest assured everything is under control if you start today. In order to maximize your customer journey you need to focus on the following:


-Website/Mobile Apps

-Social Media Platforms

-Search Engines

-Email and Automation

-Paid Ads

Why? Here are our top 4 reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy:

1. You're Underestimating Customer Demand

If you believe your product or service doesn't sell online, do some market research. You might not understand your online marketplace but there are marketing experts that do. The dynamics can be slightly different with your customer and competitor profiles which is why it's so important to reach out do an in-depth market research. An easy way of finding out the level of customer demand is using Google's Keyword planner to see how many people are searching for a product or service like yours online.

2. Competitors Will Gain Market Share

If you're not investing enough time and resource into the digital world, your competitors will 100% get ahead of you. Your direct and indirect competition are all trialing new approaches to gain or keep their online audiences.

3. Customers Are Changing

The pandemic has changed our customers in many different and permanent ways. If you think you know your customers, think again. Consumer behavior has been in unexpected ways and brands are starting to reconsider everything. These are just a few things that are impacting brands:




-Content Strategy

2021 is the time to be on full "listening mode." But leave that to the experts.

4. Brands Need to be Trustworthy

We are in a period where consumers are seeking comfort, safety, and things that are familiar. How trustworthy will you seem if you're not on digital platforms when everyone else is? Pandemic (or post-pandemic) fears are amplifying slightly neurotic behaviors, meaning consumers will only purchase from brands and companies they know or feel like they can rely on. What, where, and how you're saying what you're saying is crucial in a world where people have dramatically altered their lifestyle to a more web-oriented one.

There is no going "back to normal" or at least not any time soon. It's time to embrace the chaos as we enter this year.

2021 will re-write the history of marketing. How will you stand out?

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